Classic Volkswagen & Porsche Restoration

Dr. Ferdinand’s breathes new life in old classic Volkswagen’s and Porsche’s, with the focus on retaining each vehicle’s unique history.

For us, it’s about creating the right look for each project car, whether it’s a full on show car or just your daily driver. We are about preserving the original character and soul of a vehicle while enhancing and improving it’s functionality and drive-abilty.

A little about me…

Playing with cars is in my blood, As far back as i can remember my dad has always had a classic car of some description in the garage that he’s been working on. He still has to this day! Growing up around that definitely had an influence on me. I can remember as a kid taking my matchbox cars apart, Drilling out the rivets or undoing the small screws from the underside so i could remove the body shells and repaint them in a different colour. I would change the wheels with those from another toy car and give them a lower stance so they looked more the way i thought they should be. Thirty plus years on and I’m still doing the same thing, Only my matchbox cars have got a little

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